Zinnia Real Baby Dolls For Girls, Full Silicone Body

 Zinnia Real Baby Dolls For Girls, Full Silicone Body

CARE & USE TIPS Do not throw this doll and never slap on a table. Avoid using ink and markers near your dolls since they can be stained and permanently damaged. It is best to keep the doll out of direct sunlight and to dust it regularly. Keep the doll in the protecting bag when storage. Please take care of the handmade fiber hair. You can also make the hair cut for a better style. If the hair is a little messy, please use the special wig comb and take care of it gently. Just treat the doll as a real baby. Please take care when touching the heads or removing the clothing.

Features & details

SOFT TOUCH & REALISTIC FEELING: Reborn Baby Doll is made from high quality silicone vinyl, soft real touch skin feel, safe non-toxic material, gentle and realistic, safe for kids play.

REALISTIC DESIGN: Reborn Baby Dolls is 18 inch reborn doll, with a soft head and limbs, just like a real baby. And the doll is weighted body for a real baby feel, easy to dress and undress.

MOVABLE ARMS & LEGS: The arms and legs can be moved up and down, left and right, the baby can sit and lay down like real baby. Reborn Baby Dolls can sit and lay down, but can’t stand or crawl.

FULL BODY SOFT DOLLS : The realistic-newborn baby doll is 18 inch from head to toe and you can wash and pose her whole body. Her vinyl full body makes her soft enough for baby to embrace.

EASY TO CLEAN: Reborn Baby Dolls can be washed by hand with cold water, then wipe dry with clean towel, but can't wash in hot water. The reborn doll is come with clothes, please wash the clothes before dress the doll.

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